Teneriffe Apartment

Note – This is for my student assessment. Mike is a ficticous client.

Mike has recently relocated to Brisbane from Sydney and has purchased a loft apartment in an historic building located at Teneriffe in Brisbane. The apartment is in a renovated Warehouse building offering river views, with a north easterly aspect enjoying generous natural light from the extensive glazing. 

The interior of the apartment was renovated in 2008, and Mike would like to refurbish the apartment to reflect his own personal style. This would be a home that makes others feel welcome and be a comfortable retreat for Mike. Drawn to vibrant colours (as an accent) and appreciating the clean lines of contemporary design Mike likes the influence of mid-century modernist design.  The brief includes: 

  • Creating a colour scheme for all walls, ceiling/cornice as well as architraves/skirtings/internal doors.
  • Lighting recommendations throughout addressing general, task and ambient lighting
  • Schematic recommendations for all furniture and decoration
  • A floor treatment for the kitchen area.
  • Hard surface treatment for the kitchen including joinery, benchtop, splashback and kick rails.
  • A bespoke bookcase to display collection of rare books with a combination of open and closed shelving
  • A bespoke rug for the living area

The concept

The final colour and lighting concept has been composed in a bid to create a naturally sophisticated atmosphere, one that invites conversation whilst allowing Mike to relax and feel comfortable. Once completed the home will be warm, inviting and responsive to Mikes busy lifestyle. 

In this proposal,  mid-century design elements have been combined with contemporary styling, really embracing the concept that a home must be functional as well as beautiful. In each space there are statement pieces, complimented by neutral tones.  Through clean lines, curvy shapes, and comfortable furnishings maried with smart home technology, sleek design and contemporary craftmanship this home will respond to Mikes needs.  

The colour scheme is reflective of contemporary mid-century design.  The use of natural tones provides a grounded, authentic and calming experience.  The use of the burnt orange will stimulate conversation and provide energy to the space. This is complimented by quality leather furniture, textured two-toned timber, light reflecting warm antique brass and beautiful low maintenance plants with dark green foliage. 

The Layout


Inspired by mid-century clean lines, and curvy shapes, the vertical timber front door will have a lovely antique bass half moon door handle.  Embracing smart technology, there will be a fingerprint smart door lock with very handy security and access features. Once inside, we have selected a beautiful mid century inspired cabinet with curved handles, a round walnut mirror and a brass dome table lamp with smart lighting.  We will add a touch of olive green to the space through a lovely glass bowl.


The Dining Area

In the Dining space, custom-made banquet/booth seating saves valuable space whilst allowing ample seating for entertaining. Made of sumptuous leather and complimented by an oval walnut table with vertical timber legs, olive green velvet chairs, original artwork and an antique brass dome retractable pendant lamp, this area will invite conversation and socialising.

Booth seating 3
Dining Room

The Living Area

The Living area showcases the beautiful textures and colours of a two-tone vertical timber clad feature wall. which is highlighted by gimble downlights.  On this wall we also add another original artwork. We have included a generous comfortable tan leather sofa with chaise, denim blue soft furnishings, an unusual floating timber disk side table, a circular coffee table with vertical timber legs and a handmade rug designed specifically for Mike. 

On the opposing living room wall, we have used a genuine mid century cabinet, an olive green velvet reading chair and some beautiful brass wall sconces.  We have added in a new Samsung Frame TV, which becomes a work of art when not in use making it virtually disappear when surrounded by other artworks. No more ugly TV. 

Living room timber
Slatted console
Coffee table living
Living room opposite wall
Feature chair
Pot plant

The Bedroom

In the bedroom, you will find a blue feature wall with another original wall art inspired by the shapes and lines from the bush. The generous mid-century inspired queen-sized bed is created from a walnut frame featuring Warwick fabric upholstery.  The bedsides and lowboy are also in Walnut with rounded edges for that mid-century look.  We have chosen simple brass table lamps and a floor lamp with smoked glass done as well as a neutral toned rug. Finally we have added a valet stand .

Floor lamp
Bedside Cabinets

The Terrace

The outdoor terrace will be transformed into an outdoor entertaining space. We have added in a six seater table and chairs and a smart electric wall mounted BBQ. The dining chairs selected are available in a rust rope shown below.  At the other end outside your bedroom, we will add a lovely area to rest and relax with a comfortable mid-century inspired reading chair and terrazzo side table. We will add final touches with fantastic plants in mid-century inspired planter pots.

Tables and chairs
Outdoor chairs
plants outdoor
outdoor reading chair

The Kitchen

The kitchen features a mixture of olive green and oak cabinets, with minimalist handles, a lucious brass panel on the back of the breakfast bar, olive green bar stools that match the dining chairs, New York engineered stone benchtop, brushed brass underbench sink and handcrafted wall tiles. Add to this some smart appliances and you have a mid-century inspired contemporary kitchen.

Kitchen Sink
Bar stools
Kitchen tiles splashback

Bespoke Bookcase Design

This bespoke bookcase will be a real standout in the open area living/dining room used as a divider between the kitchen and living area.  The bookcase features a circular centre in a walnut finish, open and closed shelving through the use of glass flip up panels, integrated lighting, storage underneath and an integrated charging station. This bookcase is specifically design to display a rare book collection. 

Bespoke Bookcase
rare books
bookcase hand rendered

Bespoke Rug Design

Using the Australian bush as inspiration, we call this bespoke rug “Coming Home”. Made from luxurious hand tufted wool, measuring 3m x 2m, the shapes reflect mid-century style with the clean lines and organic curves. Our take on this design is to use a pattern that is not too fussy, and primarily in a lighter colour to maximise the natural light. The use of the lighter colour (or negative space), highlights the patterns. This is a contemporary look and will not detract from other feature items in the room such as the feature timber wall and the bespoke bookcase, but rather it will compliment them and it. These tones will bring warmth and comfort to the living room and will look great against your oak floorboards

my rug
Rug pompoms

A Smart Home

Throughout this home, we will be using smart home technology.  This will start at the front door with a smart locking system and flow through to the lighting and appliances.  This will be based on the Z Wave technology and Fabaro devices. 

Low Maintenance Plants

At EziDesign we believe that  you can never underestimate the benefits of real plants in your home. Studies have shown indoor plants boost mood, productivity, concentration and creativity, reduce stress and fatigue, clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen. Green thumb or not, the indoor plants that we select are tough enough to withstand a bit of neglect and require very little maintenance. We also have some nice little tricks for watering when you are not home like self watering pots. Just fill them up before you leave.