Listening to you – I get personal satisfaction from listening to my clients and truly understanding what they want and need from their homes. This is not about me imposing my style on you, its all about bringing your design style to reality.  

Pre loved treasures – Then I have a passion for using your existing treasures or finding quality pre loved pieces that will fit in with  your home.  This not only saves money but is a more sustainable way to create your perfect home. 

Greenery – I am also a great believer in having plants in every room.  The advantages of plants in your home are too numerous to mention.  I have botanists on hand to help advise with the best type of plant for each room and how to care for them.  

Spending money wisely – Your budget is also a priority, creating a beautiful home does not have to be expensive or out of reach.  We will carefully consider where you get the best design impact and other things that dont need a big spend. By combining pre loved treasures, what you already have, and affordable suppliers for new things, together we can achieve affordable designs.